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Irons Junior High Book Fair Has a Cashless Option

Aug 30, 2019

Parents, remember when school book fairs required cash to purchase items? Those days are gone for the students at Irons Junior High! Parents can create an online account for their student in the form of an e-wallet. This is an extremely simple process that will save parents in the Harper’s Preserve Community a trip to the bank. 


The general idea of this e-wallet is that parents will create an account and set a spending limit for their student. That spending limit will be held as a pending charge, and parents will only be charged for what is actually purchased. The remaining amount, if any, will be credited back into the card used for this e-wallet. If you have multiple students attending Irons Junior High, each student will need to have their own account. The e-wallet cannot be shared.


This new method gives parents control of how much their child spends and the convenience of being able to reload if their child needs more money. Parents will also have a peace of mind knowing that students will not be carrying cash with them on the bus and around school if they use this feature. This gives students the freedom to simply walk into the fair to choose the books or items they want without having to dig in their pockets.


The Irons Junior High Book Fair will end on September 4, 2019. For more information about the e-wallet or Book Fair, please visit Scholastic’s website.