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The Woodland's Farmer's Market Is Back!

May 29, 2020

Market days are back! After a two month hiatus, the Woodlands Farmer's Market reopened to the public on May 23 at the Grogan's Mill Village Center. The market typically has included local vendors of food, global fare & natural beauty products. This non-profit community event puts profits from the Market towards community philanthropic programs.

Open since 2008, The Woodland’s Farmers Market has been a Saturday morning routine for many locals. The weekly market, sponsored by Grogan's Mill Village Association, will incorporate safety guidelines so that both vendors and buyers can have a positive experience. Adequate separation will be provided between market vendors and customers will move in throughout in a designated manner. Vendors and customers will be required to wear face masks and hand sanitizer will be conveniently placed throughout.

As the old saying goes, “You touch it, you buy it.” In order for the Woodlands Farmer's Market to enhance safety, there will be temporary restrictions on children, pets, and open food or drinks. Only groups of two people will be allowed  to gather at the market. The market recommends online preordering if available. When purchasing goods, vendors request credit card payment or exact change.

The vendor list remains limited and will continue to change based on the changes in regulations. It may take some time for the Woodland’s Farmer’s Market to be back to the way things were.

Come out and enjoy a Saturday tradition. For more information about the farmer's market visit

SOURCE: Community Impact