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What's Up With The Statues?

Apr 05, 2019

The “Grandma’s Purse” is one of more than two dozen bronze sculptures of human figures, deer and other works of public art in The Woodlands are getting some TLC as part of a three-year, on-going repair and conservation project to ensure the popular — and pricey — displays of art are kept in tip-top shape for both residents and visitors.Repairs and conservation treatments to the 25 pieces of public art owned by the company had not been done in many years and officials decided to take action in 2018 with a wide-ranging plan to assess each piece of art to determine what needed to be done. Although The Woodlands does not have snow and ice except in the rarest occasions each year, the rain and humidity of the region can cause havoc with certain metallic structures, causing rust and a loss of patina — which is the shined look many statues have when first created. Other ways the works of art can be damaged include high winds that may cause a structure to loosen, or even damage from people who may walk on the statue or inflict other types of damage. The most common repairs done include general cleaning, re-painting, masonry work on joints of various statues, welding repairs, and restoring the patina luster to a piece.

Source: Houston Chronicle