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Local Health Providers Saluted for Community Efforts

May 01, 2020

There are numerous benefits living in close proximity to The Woodlands, one of which is access to major hospitals offering exceptional expertise and care. Healthcare has been one of the fastest growing industries to accommodate the needs of a growing and aging population of residents. This growth provides a wealth of employment opportunities for those in the healthcare industry. Recently these healthcare workers have shown their dedication and passion to the community during COVID-19.


Last Thursday, April 23, 2020 local healthcare professionals were honored for their dedication and service to our community. Montgomery County Law Enforcement, Fire Service, and EMS gathered for prayer and a Red and Blue Parade of emergency vehicles. Vehicles drove through local hospitals to salute the efforts of those who our protecting the health and well being of the sick and elderly. Providing support and recognition of those on the front lines is a small effort that goes a long way.

SOURCE: HelloWoodlands