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Harper's Preserve's Junior High School named Honor Roll School

Aug 16, 2019
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Harper's Preserve Parents, 

Our community's schools have so much to be proud of for this upcoming school year!

To be named an Honor Roll School is an incredible accomplishment that our Irons Junior High School has achieved. This means that Irons Junior High has showed a very consistent level of high student academic achievement, “improvement in achievement levels, and a reduction in achievement gaps among student population.” This recognition is provided by Educational Results Partnership which uses the data collected across the United State to show which schools are performing well within the nation. 

Oak Ridge High School also reached Level 2 certification in Marzano High Reliability Schools which means that the school has “Effective Teaching in every Classroom.” There are 5 levels in this program, and going through each of the levels show just how much a school has transformed in its teaching methods and effectiveness. We’re ecstatic to be a part of a school that evolves itself and its students. 

An important reminder for all Irons Junior High Parents -
Your child will not be able to ride another school bus home. Irons Junior High has developed the most efficient schedule for all bus riders and routes. If your child needs transportation to a friend’s house or elsewhere other than where the bus will be taking them, please have a parent pick them up. Students will only be allowed to leave with a parent, if not on a bus. Arrange the pick-up situation ahead of time to avoid any unexpected problems that may arise that will prevent your child from leaving the school. The only situation where your child will be able to leave on a bus they are not normally assigned to is when there is an extreme last-minute emergency. To read more about this, please click here

As we all know, Harper’s Preserve’s newest elementary school has opened. We are excited to welcome Suchma Elementary to the community family! Since it is a new school, we want to share the contact information of the faculty and staff for your convenience here