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Conroe ISD named Best Communities for Music Education for 8th Year

Aug 23, 2019
family playing instruments

 Harper’s Preserve has some incredibly musically talented students, and the community is so proud! For the 8th year, Conroe ISD has been named as one of the Best Communities for Music Education by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation. This honor presents Conroe ISD as a school district that has promised to provide music education with high standards and prove its artistic importance in the community. 


Music is one of many versatile forms of art that develops important skills that correlate with academic achievement, according to, “The Impact of Music Education on Academic Achievement”. To master an instrument takes concentration, focus, and discipline. For a student to become a musician and have the ability to create melodies and tunes on their instrument, they had to have mastered the basics of that instrument first. A student has to learn how to sight read on a music sheet before they can play the song on an instrument. Then, the student has to learn how to play the basic scale on the instrument before they begin to play the notes on a music sheet. Eventually, the student will know exactly which notes to play and how to play them all while keeping their eyes on their music sheet. This process of note conversion is the most difficult for many people, which is why it is an amazing accomplishment that Conroe ISD has been given this award.


Harper’s Preserve is excited to follow along with the students and teachers in this community to recognize their hard work and achievement.